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Our site provides a
listing of fertility centers
that offer an IVF Refund Program.

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What is an IVF refund program?

IVF centers have been offering money back programs, sometimes called IVF refund programs or IVF warranty programs, since 1995. 

The general concept of an “IVF refund program” is:

You pay a set fee for a number of IVF attempts,
and if your infertility treatment is not successful,
you get money back (usually 80% to 100%).

You will need to find the exact details of each program
directly from the IVF center of your interest.

IVF centers that offer an IVF refund program provide the program to help couples avoid a total financial loss in the event their treatment was not successful.  These programs do not guarantee a successful outcome, but they do guarantee that a portion of your money is refunded if the outcome is unsuccessful.  For these unfortunate couples, a refund program provides resources available at the end of infertility treatment to pursue adoption or other interests.